What is an Angel network?

For example, there are around 25 registered business angel networks in the UK, responsible for over £50 million of investment in smaller unquoted companies. These groups are a smaller part of the total angel investment, which is estimated at £110 million.

Angel networks, like Connect East, may be light touch connection channels between businesses and investors, or provide a range of scouting, filtering, assessment and secretariat facilities to their members. Investors receive ‘short-listed’ investment-ready opportunities on which to exercise their skills and judgment to make decisions. The network also enables Angels to group together to take part in a syndicate, for larger deals or to offset risk.

However, Angel networks do not make investment propositions; they simply act as introducers. The introduction includes information on the company, its situation and its potential, but it is not a recommendation.

To ensure close collaboration with like-minded private investor networks, Connect East has close connections with other private and public sources of co- or early-stage equity and loan financing across the UK.

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