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Connect East is an independent members-only network providing a resource to develop investment-ready opportunities to benefit its clients – both investors and investees. It also provides a discussion forum for private equity investments, a repository for deal data, and a secure communications and co-investing collaboration channel between investor members.

It’s simple, self-drive, and secure. It lets investors and potential investees connect without intermediaries and without fees.  It allows members to offer investment or co-investment opportunities to other members safely and securely.  And it provides the ability for investors to share intelligence about deal-flow between themselves, provide decision-support information, and a way of encouraging new equity investors to join the Connect East community.

We accept applications from all sectors, and from pre-revenue as well as established businesses looking for growth capital.

As an investor member, you can create a user name on our Collaboration portal that is visible publicly, while keeping your personal details private. Because the portal enables you to send and receive emails anonymously, you need never reveal your identity to other members until deals develop, if that’s your preference.

Membership will be immediately rescinded if anyone attempts to use this community for promotional activities, or to selling products or services to members.

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AI for the masses!

Connect East is currently raising first round investment for a cloud-based AI platform that can be used by anyone to create a knowledge base.  The company has already won two awards and is recognised as one of the top 50 most disruptive start-ups in the UK by Real Business magazine. Experienced software investors seeking more […]

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SEIS – mostly sensible, flexible and very tax efficient!

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (‘SEIS’) is designed to help small, early-stage UK companies to raise equity finance with a range of tax reliefs to individual investors. It complements the existing Enterprise Investment Scheme (‘EIS’), but solves many of the particular difficulties which very early stage companies face in attracting investment, by offering tax relief […]

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Why would I benefit?

If you have personal funds that you would like to see provide a good mid- and long-term return on investment, and are prepared to take an investment risk, then Angel investment is a proven route.

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Joining Connect East

Membership is by invitation or recommendation only: members may be known to one another, but no membership details are revealed to outsiders.

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UK and USA angel investing comparisons:

Published by NESTA in June 2011, this report sheds further light on the magnitude of the performance gap between US and UK venture capital funds, its evolution over time, and what the likely drivers of the performance differences are.

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