Investment Criteria

In order to be considered for private funding through the Connect East network, the following criteria need to be demonstrated by applicant companies:

  • Located in European countries,
  • Clear management structure,
  • Seeking early stage equity investment capital in return for a negotiable equity stake at a realistic pre-money valuation,
  • High growth potential, i.e. scalable business model with a strong USP or IP, and ambitious, skilled management team,
  • A product or service that can be taken to market with well-planned development,
  • Business plan includes full market research and analysis of commercial opportunity, early market priorities and costs of/barriers to entry,
  • Some validation of commercial potential from the market place, either through potential customers, resellers, partners or through actual sales,
  • Strong core management with skills to grow business in line with projections, and having demonstrated significant commitment to the business,
  • Management prepared to discuss conversion of any existing loans to equity and ideally already invested or investing in this round,
  • Prepared to accept syndicates of angel investors with investor and/or Connect East representative as non-executive director(s),
  • Independent company, i.e. not a subsidiary, and eligible for EIS relief.

Click here to download a short guide to completing your plan.


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