About Connect East

Connect East has been created specifically to provide access to early-stage funding from private investors, to provide a secure mechanism for investors to share information and increase co-investment opportunities, as well as to encourage more involvement from those who may have looked to more traditional forms of investment in the past.

Connect East is the new name of Norfolk First, which started life in 2005 as part of the Norfolk Network, to provide a independent not for profit vehicle to provide a source of local expertise and money for strong business propositions within the county.

Our new brand represents the fact that we have connected with many more investors and businesses across the East of England and beyond, and want to encourage more people to consider business investing as part of their portfolio.  New investors may want to dip a toe into the water alongside more seasoned investors, and Connect East provides both business and social opportunities for this to happen.

Sometimes investors need to look outside their own networks to find co-investment and syndicate partners, or may simply come across a deal that is investable but they don’t want to lead, or perhaps requires some specific sector expertise to really make it fly.  Connect East enables this to happen too.

Serious, investment-ready entrepreneurs and businesses need to have a way of connecting to sources of finance without prohibitive fees or long-winded processes.  Connect East provides its services for free.  It’s not here to make money, but to make connections: that enable investors and businesses to come together, to do deals, and the UK economy to grow stronger.


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